LONG AN PHU JOINT STOCK COMPANY is located in Long An Province, which specializes in nonwoven needle punched materials.

Main products: Nonwoven fabric, auto upholstery fabric, nonwoven felt, automobile carpet, Needle punched nonwoven.

Long An Phu’s non-woven fabric is made from 100% Polypropylene (PP) using Spunbonded technology on a fully automatic modern line. The closed process produces continuous filament yarns, forming a lightweight, durable, and elastic products.

These non-woven products are widely used and infiltrated in various fields of modern society, such as: environmental protection,automotive production,shoes,clothes,furniture,home textile, mattress,handbag,toys,filter,health care,gifts,electrical supplies,audio equipment,engineering construction and other industries.

With confirmed quality, Long An Phu’s non-woven fabric is the preferred choice of many customers and have contributed significantly to the success of famous big brands, including Toyota, Daiso, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Hyundai, Ikea, …

Why Choose Us

Good quality & Favorable Price

+ Our factory has 10 years of experience in the production of  nonwoven fabric, Felt fabric

+ Our factory have cooperation with Many buyers all over the world .

+ Nonwoven fabric product are Widely used, health ,harmless !

+ We accept customer’s design and logo (Make-to-order)

Fine policy:

+ Sample: Free sample before order is oK if price content.

+ Price: Large quantity and long-time business relationship can have our favorable discount.

Production Lines:

non-woven fabric production lines
non-woven fabric production lines


Long An Phu’s factory
Long An Phu’s factory is located at Hai Son Industrial Park, Long An Province with an area of 5400 m2.